Fabletics: Having Fun with Reviews

Some companies can figure things out a lot faster than others. Most of those companies usually make a big splash when they join an industry. Fabletics is one of those high-octane fashion brands. Fabletics is an activewear brand that crafts affordable, on-trend fashion that’s sold using personalized service.

It’s a weird combination that’s paying off for Fabletics. The e-commerce business is finding success in a marketing dominated by Under Armour and Lululemon. Despite the disadvantages, it took Fabletics four years to become a $250 million business. It’s even challenging Amazon as the top proprietor of activewear in the e-commerce markets.

Part of Fabletics’ success is its online following. Since 2013, Fabletics has attracted 1.2 million paying monthly members. Using a subscription mechanic, Fabletics added a personalized service that suggests outfits that each member will find most preferred. This service also shows member some styles they ordinarily wouldn’t have thought of on their own.

Features like these are what earned Fabletics more than 20 million Twitter followers. The brand also has 18 retail stores and international popularity. Even Fabletics’ retail stores use personalized service to satisfy current members and attract new ones.

Making the transition from e-commerce to a physical market isn’t easy these days. Most retail stores are getting slaughtered by online shopping. A lot of people go into stores to look around, but they go home and buy online. Fabletics figured out a way to use people’s habits to their benefit. Every Fabletics store hosts events and welcome people’s browsing.

While that strategy doesn’t seem wise, they use those events to get to know the local markets. The more people who visit, the more information Fabletics gains. As a result, nearly one-fourth of new visitors become members in store. They also use that data to predict future desired trends.

It’s the little things like that earned Fabletics such a brilliant reputation online. It’s no secret that online presence is a big deal these days. The wrong online reputation could destroy anything, including people. Fabletics has been fortunate that their fans filled the web with positivity.

People really believe what they see on the internet. Online reviews can make or break a company in a single day. In fact, research has shown that people trust online reviews just as much, if not more than personal recommendations.


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