Factors behind the Successes of Ricardo Guimaraes and BMG

Ricardo Guimaraes is the son of Flavio Guimaraes Pentagna, the successful entrepreneur who invested in coffee plantation, mining, cannery and agriculture. The Guimaraes family is considered as one of the most powerful and affluent families of Minas Gerais. Ricardo is well known for being the president and heir of the family bank, which was formed in 1930 by his grandfather, Antonio Mourao Guimaraes. Ricardo ascended to the top leadership of the corporation in 1998. His skills and innovation has seen him transform BMG to a National Credit payroll loan lender.
By offering low interest rates and picking clients having low default rate, the bank has grown extensively. The firm operates efficiently through a team of industrious consultants situated all over the country. As a businessman who understands about worthwhile investments, BMG has ventured in sports sponsorship. Ricardo is a fanatic of the Atletico Mineiro. He has stressed that his personal preference for a particular team has not stopped the bank from picking other football teams and athletes to sponsor. This information was mentioned on Noticias R7.
The businessman was born in Belo Horizonte. He received a Merit Honor diploma from the City Council. Various members of the city council attended the function. The ceremony was officiated by the house president, Leo Bourgeois de Castro and council member, Daniel Nepomuceno. During his speech, Leo mentioned the achievements of Ricardo as the president of BMG. He also recalled that Ricardo had been awarded the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit in 2004.
Fred Costa also took to the floor talking about the personality and character of Ricardo. Costa mentioned Ricardo’s involvement in sports sponsorship and the support he has accorded to different sports personalities. Ricardo was responsible for creating an investment fund for football players titled the Ricardo Soccer BR1. A sum of more than $20 million was invested in the fund to help buy the economic rights of athletes in the eight clubs that the bank sponsors. After the speeches, the terms of the diploma were read out and handed over to Ricardo. Guimaraes expressed his gratitude while receiving the award and thanked the organizers and all those in attendance. This information was reported on Dino.com.
Recently, Ricardo was heard talking about the Gross Domestic Product of China. In 2016, China’s GDP is expected to grow at a weaker rate. Ricardo quoted the information, which was reported in the China Securities Journal. The 6.9 percentage growth is so far the lowest to be recorded since the financial crisis. The president of China, Xi Jin Ping, said that the annual increase will be enough for china to meet the targets it has set for the next couple of years. This information was mentioned on Portal communiqué.com.

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    Ricardo was quick to add that the annual increase of 6.5% will be sufficient in improving the livelihood of over 70 million Chinese living in the rural areas. I have also seen that the assignment help is something that most people will not understand.

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