Flavio Maluf: A Reputable Leader Of An Environmentally Friendly Firm

Flavio Maluf is a highly reputable and reliable professional and President of Eucatex. Flavio Maluf has been working in the company since 1987 and he managed several locations of the company. He works very hard to ensure the growth and prosperity of the business.


Eucatex is a well established company that markets and produces liners and insulation manufactured from the fibers of eucalyptus wood. The company provides its products to companies that manufacture furniture.


When Flavio Maluf joined the company, he was in the trade section of the organization for several years prior to starting in the technical department. In 1997, Flávio Maluf became President of the company, Eucatex and has been running it successfully. Flavio Maluf is focused primarily on innovation and investing substantially in new products.


Flavio Maluf has great expertise in managing organizations and running successful business. He is a tremendous resource for business startups and entrepreneurs who are planning to enter the business world. He has tremendous entrepreneurial tips to offer beginners as well as those who are already on their way to achieving success in the industry.


Flavio Maluf maintains an informative blog where he provides tips and advice to business people, organization leaders and other professionals. He also offers helpful advice on how to perform well in job interviews and also how to become successful at your workplace.


Flavio Maluf is surely a great source of advice and motivation for ambitious individuals. Flavio Maluf also shows great concern about the future of Brazil’s economy and the business world. He started and implement several company projects, which led to opening several branches throughout Brazil.


Flavio Maluf has great leadership skills and is also a good communicator. He takes the time to understand the needs of his team and those he supervise and takes appropriate steps to ensure a satisfactory work environment. He makes sure that the work environment is comfortable and that workers get along well, and strive, for common goal.


Flavio Maluf has numerous positive reviews and feedback form his peers and other associates.


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