Fortress Investment Group and The Insightful Data About Them From Patch and Wings Journal

Being an asset manager requires incredible skills, impeccable levels of courage and an ethical work ethic that would attract the trust of a lot of sophisticated investors. It’s not an easy task. It’s not for those who always want guaranteed success. Most of all, it’s not for those who can’t provide great revenue to investors. Fortunately, there are asset managers like Fortress Investment Group that are up for the challenge. There are companies like Fortress Investment Group that offer the solutions for investors to make their assets even bigger, more profitable and more secure.

Two of the most insightful features about Fortress Investment Group that people may like to analyze would be the ones from the news portals, Patch and Wings Journal. The Wings Journal article details what is ahead of Fortress Investment Group, along with the principals and founders that form the firm. It is there that people would realize that the latest venture of Fortress would be to stabilize its investments in Brightline, the private passenger train system that would make travelling between Miami and Fort Lauderdale take place in less than 45 minutes. Under the leadership of Wes Edens, the company’s principal and private equity investor, as well as co-owner of NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, this project has given Fortress the kind of ambitious reputation that investors want it to have.

It may also be added here that Brightline is a fantastic solution that South Florida commuters would greatly enjoy. This train even rides towards West Palm Beach, and would later provide service to Orlando. That alone provides the citizens of South Florida enough options to skip owning a car and just enjoy the life of a commuter.

Meanwhile, the Patch article contains all the historic highlights that shape what Fortress is today. Some of these highlights include the time when Fortress expanded in 2006 and brought its clients profitable investment programs, such as the Fortress Investment Fund I – IV. It is also in that article that the background of Fortress’ principals, Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger, are given the right accurate details and context.

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