Framed Daughter Released Because of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has truly been a miracle in my life. My daughter was sentenced to a short time in jail for a robbery she was not even a part of. The girls who actually did the crime framed my daughter as the scapegoat. Since it was more than three girls saying the same thing, my daughter was convicted. I was shattered. My family was overwhelmed. And my daughter was in a state of shock. We didn’t know what to do. There was no way we could get around all those false testimonies. But a short while later we got word that the conviction of my daughter was being overturned. The Securus Technologies actually had recorded phone conversations of my daughter with the other girls. They were taunting her and bragging that they pranked her. They were actually bullying her even while she was in prison. Securus Technologies had enough phone conversations with the girls and my daughter that they turned over to the proper authorities. These girls were so reckless, they gave information only the true thieves would have known. When they were approached and interviewed separately by the local police, they broke down and implicated one another, setting my daughter free. All of this occurred because of the program in place from Securus Technologies. My daughter, while serving time, had no idea what was going on. All she knew is that she was told that a great mistake had been made, and she was being set free. She couldn’t believe it at first. After all that bullying, and pranking, she was being let go. And the real criminals would be in her place behind bars for a long time. Thank you Securus Technologies for not only recording the conversations for later verification and proof of the innocence of my beloved daughter.


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