Gambling with Kyle Bass

There are a lot of similarities between the stock market and certain games of chance in large casinos. Granted, things are much more “above-the-board”, as the saying goes, in official financial climes; but the market is still a huge uncertainty. Regular stocks can plummet with little or no warning, and millions can be lost. The key is staying abreast of economic winds, and in that regard, many think Kyle Bass is a savant. The UsefulStooges article “Kyle Bass: The frantic investments of a desperate gambler” really exposed this. Initially, the man made a huge mark in international financial circles when he successfully predicted that America’s sub-prime lending practices in the housing market would lead to the implosion of a growing financial bubble. He turned out to be completely correct, and as a result began making regular media appearances.

At the same time he was–and still is–running a hedge fund. For a while things looked very promising for the Argentinian financier and his fund, but in recent times the fund has seen a continual plummet that as yet shows no sign of reversal. In fact, contrary as it may seem, when Bass makes a media appearance advising people financially, his fund tends to actually perform worse. He makes more and more appearances, too.

As a gambler, when one’s luck is on the decline, it’s time to find something which changes it. Maybe that’s why Bass branched out into CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Using this organization as a front, Bass manipulates the stock-market. Basically, CAD gets people who don’t know any better to file lawsuits and sign petitions against big-ticket pharmaceuticals with the ostensible purpose of lowering their prices in a humanitarian motif. The real purpose is to force such big-ticket pharmaceutical companies into devaluing their stock. When this is accomplished, Bass short-sells his holdings with the pharmaceutical in question and is able to sashay away with millions dribbling out his dungarees. Who suffers? The sick, and those in the business of helping them.

Now, using CAD that way is definitely a gamble, but when one understands Bass’ background, suddenly such monetary endeavors make sense. Bass comes from Argentina, where he still has strong ties to the country’s president/socialist despot, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Though the woman has defaulted her country economically twice over the course of only thirteen years, Bass always supports her and her decisions. This is evidence of an underlying trend not immediately visible from the surface. It’s evidence that Bass’ regular media appearances and very presence in America may have something to do with a hidden socialist agenda.

It makes sense to consider Bass’ influences, and the possibility that he may be misleading the public for reasons that aren’t immediately determinable from the facts. CAD, de Kirchner, and his poorly managed hedge fund all indicate something like this.

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