George Soros Actively and Bearishly Investing Again

The billionaire investor and philanthropist, George Soros, recently ended his hiatus from making trades. Soros is one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the history of Wall Street. Soros decided to come back because of his bleak forecast for the world economy. This was largely influenced by Britain deciding to leave the EU by popular vote recently. Soros does believe that many of the world markets are going to undergo large changes in the coming years based on the Brexit and the volatility of the Asian markets. This is what caused George Soros to make some extremely bearish investments recently.

Most of his companies investments were made in gold. This was a result of having little faith in the strength of the world’s markets. This is a common practice by investors because gold is seen as a good place to invest money when the markets are in turmoil. Soros’ financial management company sold a large portion of their stocks and placed it in gold and invested in different gold mining companies. The company is called Soros Fund Management LLC. The company manages $30 billion for the Soros family.

The 85-year old George Soros has still been involved with the company’s proceedings in recent years. At the same time, he has not been an active investor at all when it comes to making trades. He has instead been focusing on other aspects of daily life. Two of his biggest passions are philanthropy and politics. He is one of the biggest donators to the Super PAC of Hillary Clinton, the democratic presidential nominee. He has also made many other sizable donations to other democratic politicians.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

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Soros is known to strike when he thinks the market will be down. His first famous trade was when he bet against the British pound in 1992. This trade was worth $1 billion to Soros when the dust settled. Soros’ liberal outlook on the world has led him to question the politics and economics in China. He thinks that many markets in China are going to fail and affect the world market negatively.

Soros trading again is a big deal. But it could represent a bleak future for the global economy. He is one of the smartest hedge fund managers in history and if he thinks there is a bad outlook for the markets in coming years it is not a good sign for investors. In fact, the last time Soros was this involved in his firm’s actions was during the housing crisis of 2007. He bearishly bet against the housing market and ended up making $1 billion.

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