George Soros Thinks Germany Chancellor Merkel Is The Key To Solving The Migrant Crisis

George Soros, the hedge-fund genius that is worth close to $30 billion, hasn’t always had nice things to say about Germany Chancellor Merkel. Soros has been critical of her austerity program. When President Putin of Russia decided to invade Ukraine, she became the leader of the battle-worn European Union, and Soros say some things he liked about her. The leader of the European Union is considered the leader of the free world and with that title comes enormous responsibilities.

Soros recently told the fxstreet that Merkel was the first person to recognize the migration crisis as a crisis that could destroy the European Union. Merkel saw a breakdown in the Schengen system of open borders, and the possibility that the migration would undermine the common market. The Chancellor decided to take a firm stand and allow migrants to enter Germany in unprecedented numbers. That decision was unpopular with other European countries as well as with the people of Germany, and Merkel has been under attack ever since she made that decision.

The European Union has been under attack on several fronts. The Euro is one issue, Greece is another. Spain’s and the UK’s unhappiness is two other issues. And now the migrant crisis. According to Soros, Merkel said the European was on the verge of a collapse before the migrant crisis. Now with all the talk about countries closing their borders, her prediction could become a reality unless Merkel fixes the problem.

Mr. Soros believes the German people could help Chancellor Merkel keep the European Union together. The people of Germany must decide if they want to be the dominant force in Europe. Germany has become a hegemony under Merkel. Hegemons look out for their own interests, but they also have to look out for the interests of the groups that are under their protection.

What the European Union needs, according to Soros, is a plan that comprehensively responds to the crisis. That plan should reassert meaningful governance that gives asylum seekers a safe place in an orderly way until Europe’s capacity to absorb them is determined. That plan has to extend outside of the borders of Europe. Soros thinks most migrants would be better off if they stayed in a country that was close to where they live.

The Soros Foundation has a six-point plan to protect qualified asylum seekers. In the Soros plan, asylum seekers would stay in their current location and living facilities would be provided in those areas. There are several plans for asylum seekers, and all of those plans are being debated by the countries in the European Union. The consensus is there is no consensus, and that is creating an atmosphere of unrest in the Union.

There is no easy fix to the migrant crisis, according to Soros. If the fighting stopped that would help fix some of the problems, but no one expects a cease-fire to solve the migrant crisis. The best way to handle the situation is to examine all the plans and use the points in each plan that work for the common good of all countries. But that is easier said than done, according to Soros.

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