Getting to Know More About Classic Band Rush

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has an article on their website about classic rock band Rush. The magazine recently did a cover story about the band, and this particular article is a look at some of the things they learned doing research.

Drummer Neil Peart said that the band all partied too much in the 1970s. He said they were able to support one another to get through the times of substance abuse, but what really stopped them was getting physically sick. Thumbtack wrote that he said that now the band is mostly sober. It seems to me that every band goes through phases of partying too much. It’s a recurring theme in rock and roll.

Neil Peart also said that he’s a much better drummer today than in the past and as a result does not like the drumming he did in the 1970s. This is an interesting statement to me since he was one of the world’s most acclaimed drummers at the time. It’s good that he sees himself as improving steadily since then.

Peart added that it used to bother him in the early days of the band that they were not popular with critics. This was at a time in the 1970s and 1980s when The band was becoming increasingly popular with fans, but couldn’t get good press. I wouldn’t have thought that he would care about the critics since he was making good money.

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