Greg Secker Answers Questions About His Career

Greg Secker is not scared of challenges. In a recent interview with the CEOCFO Magazine, the financial expert admitted that he has always believed in accepting challenges. This philosophy is one of the factors that saw the entrepreneur create the Flying Trader initiative. When people asked him why he needed to trade while flying, he answered with a question ‘Why Not?’ Greg is now focusing on training and mentoring traders from around the world to ensure that they can make money anytime and anywhere.

What amazes many people about Greg Secker is his sound educational background and successful career path. Despite studying agriculture and food sciences, he went ahead to become a good programmer and trader. Secker notes that his love for computers started while he was at the university. During his free time, he used to build and sell computers to fellow students and companies. Before long, he ventured into coding, which he quickly mastered. According to him, he was already an outstanding coder by the time he was graduating.

Determined to build a career in IT, Greg attended a job fair. He specifically targeted companies that had opportunities in the in IT and trading. He ended up securing a job with the Thomas Cook Financial Services. At the company, Secker was part of the team that built the Virtual Trading Desk, the world’s first online currency trading platform. This opportunity helped the young programmer to deepen his knowledge on trading.

Secker’s first investment in currency trading was a £5,000 loan that he had borrowed. He was able to grow this amount to £60,000 in less than a year. This situation motivated him to continue trading. His first year as a trader also taught him the need to develop and adhere to his core principles. To this end, he started using a risk managed approach, developed discipline for his craft, and adhered to his trading plan.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a shrewd entrepreneur, investor, and trader. He is highly respected in the forex business. Unlike other traders, Secker is generous with his trading skills. Often, he advises the public on the innovative ways of making successful trades.

The trader was born in Norfolk, England. He is an alumnus of the University of Nottingham. Secker started his career by working for the Thomas Cook Financial Services before starting his business, Learn to Trade.


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