Gregory Aziz, President of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz was born on 30 April 1949, in Ontario, London. He grew up and studied in Ontario, going to Ridley College and later on progressing to the University of Western Ontario. It is here where he studied and majored in Economics.


He is the CEO and president of National Steel Car. He is also the company’s chairperson. National Steel Car, NSC, is one the leading railroad freightcar manufacturing companies globally.


Gregory James Aziz first worked in his family’s food industry, Affiliated Foods in1971. It is a wholesale food business company and has grown to become a global importer of fresh food from Europe, Central, and Southern America.


Because of his educational experience with economics, Gregory J Aziz proceeded to work with several investment banking opportunities in New York. He accumulated money, and when he had enough, he purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994.


Greg James Aziz is a visionary man, and from the moment of purchase, he had real plans for the company. NSC was not doing so well during the time of purchase. It had few workers, and its production rate was low. Furthermore, the workforce was weak and little. Under Greg’s management, it was able to undergo a paradigm shift. Greg employed several workers. He also equipped machinery and purchased all the latest equipment. This led to the rising of the work rate. Gregory also mobilized his employees to work hard, and with this mobilization, he motivated them through activities like holding NSC Christmas parties annually at end-year.


The leadership of Greg Aziz was made better by the fact that he had experience working with Affiliated Foods, his family’s company. By 1999, the number of cars that National Steel Car manufactured rose from the initial 3,500 per year to 12,000. The rate of employment also increased from 600 to 3,000. All these changes marked the shift of the company towards the right direction, and it is true, therefore, to say that Greg’s influence was nothing but purely what NSC needed. The company was initially the it-thing in Canada. But Greg had the dream to be the leading company in North America. Currently, National Steel Car is a global company. Furthermore, it is leading in the Americas and Europe.


For better performance and production to any company or firm, coordination between employers and employees fundamental. Gregory Aziz has sought triumph since his early times, and because of his hard work and undying dedication, he has been able to get his company to global recognition.


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