Guilherme Paulus Explains How He Followed His Passion Into A Financial Breakthrough

Every successful entrepreneur can trace his turn around point in a decision they made at a certain point in life. Guilherme Paulus story revolves chasing a passion and fulfillment for others that started with his decision to quite an internship opportunity in a technology company, IBM and set sail as a career salesman. This decision would turn out to be the best he ever made as it would earn him both a fortune and a name as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil.

Where did it all start?

Guilherme Paulus is a technological expert that started off his career as an intern at IBM. He, however, never felt quite passionate about the job and soon left to a become tour operator after he learned a little about the trade during his stay at IBM. He soon secured a position as a tour guide with one of the leading tour companies at the time that specialized in offering air tours to the tropical islands like Buenos Aires.

His passion about this new found venture would eventually lead him towards the discovery of the many challenges facing his employer, the difference between market expectations and what he offered as well as how to monetize this disparity. For instance, he noticed that while most tourists kept booking tours with his employer, much of the services they received never matched their expectations. For instance, he considered most of these tours dull and void of fun.

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Starting CVC

Guilherme Paulus, therefore, set out to filling and monetizing this market gap. This would start as an experimental study while working with the tour agency where he began introducing fun activities for the tourists he was attached to. The success of these activities would then inspire him to start his own company that strived to do more than match clients with their chosen destinations. As chairman of his tour company CVC, strived to create memorable moments for these clients.

Fulfilling client’s needs and surpassing their expectations, therefore, became Guilherme Paulus driving force. And it inspired him to initiate both historical and innovative projects over the course time that would eventually shape the industry. For instance, he introduced the aspect of cruise ship tourism to South America by creating a fleet of some of the most luxurious water cruisers. The chase of this fulfillment would even lead him to open up a chain of world-class GJP hotels across Brazil catering to both the local populace and the country’s tourists alike.

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