Highland Capital Has A Fine Charitable Giving Manager

Highland Capital has given back to the city of Dallas many times over, and the city is growing quite a lot because of this firm. This article explains how Highland Capital Management has hired Linda Owens to help with giving, and it shows that she has done quite a lot to make Dallas a better place to live. The company sets aside quite a lot of money to give, and James Dondero believes that Linda is the best choice to give money back.

#1: The Company Has A Giving Fund

There are many people who need funds from the company to help with their charities, and Linda chooses the places where the money will go. She helps the company make hard choices about giving, and she alerts the company to new charities they may give to. It is quite important for the company to see a change in the way the people of Dallas live, and Linda makes those choices.

#2: Giving To Many Causes

The company has given to a number of different charities, and James Dondero gives his own money to many more charities. They have a reputation of giving to things that matter to the people of Dallas, and the company will continue to do so for some time because of the money they have set aside for such purposes.

#3: More Jobs And Opportunities

There are many more jobs and opportunities offered by HCM every year, and someone who works for this company may grow into one of the finest investors in the country. HCM will help people change their lives, and the company will continue to grow through their investments and charity giving throughout the city of Dallas.

There are many people who will find it easy to use the HCM giving department to build their charities, and they may speak to Linda Owen about the money her firm is giving. She has been hired by James Dondero to help Highland Capital Management give money back to the city of Dallas, and she will ensure that all the most-worthy charities will be given more support.

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