How ClassDojo Is Inspiring Students To Accomplish More In Class

ClassDojo is by far one of the most encouraging apps out there for students, and it is going to be reaching out to even more schools as time passes by. ClassDojo is being used today by thousands upon thousands of schools across the nation already, and it’s creating change every single day for these classrooms. In a world that can seem harsh and disrespectful, ClassDojo is bringing a sense of togetherness to schools to provide young kids the guidance they need to lead healthy and educated minds to prepare them for future grades.

ClassDojo is a very simple app to understand with the main focus on teachers bringing parents into the picture and providing students a way to be encouraged. Teachers can use the app as a way to help inspire kids. For example, through the app you can give a child a virtual high five for doing a great job. If they redeem enough points, don’t be afraid to let them know of any prizes you may give out. Students who push themselves out of their comfort zones deserve that additional push in encouragement, and eventually this can move forward into actual high fives down the road.

The app is very focused on providing that connection between student and teacher, but there is a second component; the fact that parents are brought in as well. For example, parents can witness the profiles of their child through the app, and this allows them to see anything the teacher or child has posted. It could be a picture or video, and it’s fun being able to see how the child has grown and developed throughout the months go by. It’s such a great way to stay connected without having to wait for the once a year parent-teaching conferences. It brings everybody together every day.

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