How Dick DeVos Seeks To Reform Education

It was over three decades ago that Dick DeVos, along with his wife Betsy, established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They use this foundation to contribute funds to a number of worthy causes both in their home state of Michigan as well as to national nonprofit organizations. In January 2017, Dick revealed that over the years they have donated close to $140 million to various causes with an emphasis on nonprofits in the educational reform movement and arts & culture.

Dick DeVos has said that the public school system needs to be overhauled as it is failing to give too many children a quality education. He has said that it’s an injustice that children who live in low-income areas are particularly affected by poor schools. He said that these students will never achieve the American Dream because they’re not getting the education they need to be competitive and successful. He wants to change this state of affairs by allowing the families of students to have a choice of where their children attend school, particularly the option of attending a charter school.

In order to help parents pay for charter schools, Dick DeVos is an advocate of education and tax reform. He thinks there should be vouchers and tax credits in order to help parents pay the out of pocket expenses it costs in order to send their children to one of these types of schools. While he says there are a lot of hard-working and effective teachers and administrators in the public school system, they way schools are funded under the current system means many are too underfunded and short-staffed to do their mission.

One of the arts & cultures nonprofits that Dick DeVos donates money to is the DeVos Institute of Arts Management which is on the campus of the University of Maryland. This organization is providing the next generation of business leaders in the arts community with the tools and knowledge necessary to properly operate an arts institution.

Dick DeVos the early part of his career working at Amway, a company he joined in 1974. In 1984 he was one of the company’s Vice Presidents and put in charge of their efforts to expand their international markets which at the time only accounted for 5% of the company’s revenues. Just six years after his arrival in this position international sales exceeded domestic sales.

The Windquest Group is another company that Dick DeVos has led for many years. He co-founded this investment management firm along with his wife. He invests in manufacturing and technology companies. He has also run for political office including in 2005 when he ran for the Governor of Michigan.

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