How to Achieve Economic Growth

Whether it is an individual concerned about a retirement account or a nation wondering about the state of its economy, the ways to achieve economic growth are very similar. In most cases, it involves having the ability to create and then implement cutting-edge strategies that will work not only in the present, but also in the future. While there are many financial services professionals who have been able to do this over the years, few have gained more recognition for their efforts than Brad Reifler.

Beginning as a young entrepreneur and investor in the 1980s as CrunchBase showcases, Brad began his career by intensely studying past, present, and future business trends in order to form new and innovative business strategies for his future companies. After gaining a sound knowledge of equities markets and networking with a variety of people in the industry, Brad knew it was time to form his first company. Thus, Bloomberg establishes that Brad Reifler began this incredible business career by establishing Reifler Trading Company, a futures trading company that grew by leaps and bounds. As Brad started to put his strategies in place, it became clear that RTC was going to be something special. After several years of increasing business, Brad knew he had taken RTC to incredible heights. Yet despite this, Brad decided to take a risk and sell RTC to Refco, Inc. in order to start a new chapter in his business career.

After selling RTC, Brad decided to focus his efforts on hedge fund management and thus formed Pali Capital. As the CEO of Pali, Brad continued to demonstrate the same keen insight he used while at RTC. Committed to spending hour after hour conducting research of competing companies, Brad ultimately built Pali into a powerhouse within the financial services industry. With offices on four continents and employing well over 300 people, Pali was indeed one of Brad’s greatest successes. However, just when many people thought Pali could achieve nothing more, Brad took the company to an entirely new level. Utilizing sales strategies based on years of in-depth research, Brad and his sales team earned in excess of $1 billion for the company, assuring others that he was indeed a player to be reckoned with in the financial services industry.

Continually searching for the next great business opportunity, Brad realizes he will always need to be studying trends past and present in order to continue his incredible run of success.  Brad Reifler is also very well known for his Reuters articles, including Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips, the most popular one.  Follow Brad on Twitter for more about him.

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