How to Host a Successful Wine Tasting Party According to Travelling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard uses innovative ways to sell wine to the members of the public. For example, the company encourages its Wine Guides to host wine tasting parties through which guests can taste various varieties of wines from different parts of the world. While sampling different wines, a guest is likely to be intrigued by one or more types of wine, and he/she may end up ordering for the wine they liked. While wine tasting parties are easy to host, there are prerequisite requirements that Wine Guides should be familiar with to host successful wine tasting parties. Traveling Vineyard has demonstrated that it cares for its Wine Guides, and company continually trains them on various aspects of party hosting.

According to Traveling Vineyard, the first step of hosting a wine tasting party is choosing a theme. Themed up parties are more likely to attract more guests than non-themed up parties. The company notes that tasting should be narrow in scope as to avoid overwhelming the palate. For example, the company encourages that Wine Guides could feature one variety of wine but from different regions of the world. Wine Guides could get more creative and compare pricey wines with their budget counterparts. Whatever theme a Wine Guide chooses, the tasting should be limited to a maximum of five selections. One significant thing about wine tasting is the preparation of palate to avoid competing flavors. The company identifies an aperitif wine as a solution of preparing the palate.

Traditional parties require certain supplies and wine tasting parties are no different. Traveling Vineyard identifies an array of supplies ranging from basic ones such as water, personal spittoons, and corkscrews to specific ones such Bordeaux glass, smooth and white tablecloths among other particular items. However, all the supplies needed for wine tasting are readily available.

Fun wine tasting parties are held in an ambient environment that induces a relaxed mood. For example, a Wine Guide could play songs about wine or Champagne. But keeping the environment free of strong aromas that could interfere with tasting should be a Guideā€™s number one goal.

Traveling Vineyard encourages its Guides to understand how wine should be prepared before serving. For example, the duration that a specific wine needs to be chilled is crucial to ensuring that it tastes good during serving. Preparing wine should be accompanied with setting the tables.

Good Wine Guides lead by example, and their guests follow. For example, a Wine Guide should be conversant with swirling a glass of wine. Therefore he or she should demonstrate the activity to their guests.

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