If there is a new, emerging technology, rest assured that Alex Hern was a part of it

Mr. Alex Hern has been an entrepreneur focusing on the building of early-stage companies for the past 15 years. Mr. Hern has put his focus on being a serial entrepreneur, who builds companies for the main purpose of building them into a company that can be sold to a larger company at a higher price. He has done this for several different companies, starting with his first company, known as Inktomi Corporation, in 1996.

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When Alex Hern started Inktomi in 1996, the company’s goal was to build search engine software that could compete with the technology of the time. Inktomi’s software was used to power the HotBot search engine which was competing with AltaVista at the time. Their software eventually beat Altavista as the preeminent WebCrawler of the day. Inktomi made money by providing merchants and enterprise clients such as MSN and Yahoo! web services and advertising platforms. The Inktomi stock peaked at $241 a share in 2000, and their technology was eventually surpassed by Google and Overture. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

Mr Hern then founded Yesmail.com in 1998, which was a web directory that grew into an email marketing company. It was eventually acquired by CMGI in 2000 for $520 million dollars.

Alex Hern’s first foray into company building was with the company he founded, known as Arcsight. Arcsight was a software incubation firm that sought to build early stage companies in to larger corporations. After this company was sold to Hewlett-Packard for 1.5 billion dollars, he went on to serve as a board member and co-founder of many other software and technology incubation firms, including Milcom Technologies, the Silicon Valley Innovation Company, and Silicon Surf, where he currently serves. He is now co-founding Tsunami VR, a virtual reality company that specializes in creating virtual reality software and VR presentations for education and industry. Learn more about Alex at UCSD.edu.

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