Iggy Has Picked One Of Her Bridesmaids

When a celebrity is getting married then you are going to have to assume that they will have other celebrities in their wedding party. It’s fun to see this happen, and to see who the celebrity picks as their bridesmaids.

Iggy Azalea is getting married one day soon, and she has announced who one of her bridesmaids is going to be. Considering the fact that this woman was there when the question was popped to Iggy, it isn’t too surprising who it is. Demi Lovato is going to be Iggy’s bridesmaid. And, Iggy has also asked her to sing at her wedding.

This is going to be a beautiful wedding, even if those at Amen Clinics won’t be paying close attention. It has to be, with the amazing bride and bridesmaid. It will be fun to see who else Iggy picks to be in her wedding party, and who else she picks to sing on her special day.

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