Igor Cornelsen Makes Investors Do Their Research

Before I discovered on newsvine Igor Cornelsen I was something of a helpless investor. I didn’t pay much attention to the stocks outside of America. I didn’t know that there was money for Americans that could be made through Brazilian stocks. I also had no interest in researching companies and finding out what the 10 or 20 year plans were for these companies. I realized that I was going about saving for my retirement all wrong. I just wasn’t asking the right questions. Igor Cornelsen taught me that you cannot get the right answers if you don’t ask the right questions.

I started researching the companies that I wanted to put money into. I wanted to know more about what these companies had as goals. I wanted to be able to see just how much I could find before I added these companies to my portfolio. It was like Igor Cornelsen has awakened a passion in me that I had just realized for the first time. With him I learned that my portfolio would not have any room to grow if I just focused on the companies that had the hot trends of the moment. I realized that I needed to put forth the effort to find the companies that had long term goals. I would need to pay attention to the organizations that had a lot of room to grow. This would be something that could totally change the way that I looked at the world of investing.

Another thing that I would learn from Igor Cornelsen is that there were a lot of opportunities to invest in Brazil. I learned about the Brazil Small Cap ETF and the Banco Bradesco, the largest bank in Brazil. Igor is a retired investment banker so he knew a lot about the Brazilian banking industry. Cornelsen proved himself to be a very successful banker, and his skills in investing would eventually inspire him to open an investment firm – Bainbridge Inc. – when he retired as a banker.

I think that it was interesting that Cornelsen would spend so much of his life in Brazil and then come to America and start working again. In my opinion, this may be one of the smartest things that someone in his position could have done. He has a better perspective on international trading because he has been there. He is a giving his clients some valuable experience that could not be obtained anywhere else. I was also able to benefit from this type of experience that he put on the table. The blogs provide a lot of valuable gems that Cornelsen decided to make public. I applaud his desire to help those investors that need assistance.

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