Improving Education In Russia And U.S.

Russian entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov knows first-hand how much a good education can pay off. He was recently installed as the chief executive officer of software company, Solvy. Beltyukov will spearhead a new online math system that will be available for both educators and students.

Beltyukov can put both his MBA and medical degree to work with this system. The software assists students with complex math problems and offers instant feed back after the completion of the drills. Alexei Beltyukov says it is his goal to make this new system one of the most utilized programs in math education.

American students have fallen behind in math. Solvy’s comprehensive approach to math equations, tables and graphs and word problems will help underachievers gain more confidence and a better understanding.

“The math comprehension will definitely give students the edge they need,” says Beltyukov. Aside from helping students have a better grasp of math, Solvy helps teachers track a student’s progress and allows them to adjust work according to their progress.

Beltyukov has started many companies including Endemic Capital, a funding company to help Russian businesses find start-up capital. A-Ventures Ltd. is another company that helps struggling businesses stay afloat. Beltyukov created INSEAD, a Russian Alumni Scholarship Fund that pays expenses for students attending INSEAD University.

Other businesses Beltyukov has started include New Gas Technologies, Mechanicus and Brunswick Capital. He served as executive director of the Lenovo Project and engagement manager of Kinsey & Co. He currently serves on the board of directors of FORO Energy. Since 2008, he has been on the advisory council of Special Economic Zones in Russia.

Beltyukov works both in the U.S. and his Russian homeland. He continues to provide guidance for the Russian government and provides support through the Skolkovo Foundation. Beltyukov is widely regarded for both his philanthropy and commitment to education.

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