Investing Done Right: Warren Buffet and Timothy Armour

When it comes to investing, one thing remains certain. Moreover, only a few investors actually know how to invest. This remains attributed to the never-ending fluctuation of the market. Moreover, no investor knows for certain the outcome of an investment. Aside from having a natural given “know how,” investing essentially remains an educated guess. The chances of becoming an affluent investor remain similar to the chances of winning the lottery. In spite of such adversity, some investors continue to defy the odds. In addition, these investors rose to prominence because of their natural ability to invest. Regardless of whether a man has a Ph.D. or a second-grade education, both of them have an equal chance at becoming a successful investor and more information click here.


To begin, Warren Buffett and Timothy Armour rank among some of the most respected investors in the world. This remains attributed to their years of expertise and natural giving abilities. Moreover, no one can replicate their investing acumen. In particular, Warren Buffett remains a veteran when it comes to investing. For years, he has utilized the same investment strategy. In addition, the strategy remains as potent as when he first started using it. To expound further, the strategy involves making long-term investments. Recently, Warren Buffett challenged a group of hedge fund investors to a bet. Moreover, he swore he would give $1 million dollars to charity if he failed to achieve better returns on his investments than they did and Timothy on Facebook.


Unfortunately for the charity, Warren Buffett remained victorious. In parallel, Timothy Armour remains another noteworthy investor. For over 32 years, Timothy Armour worked for Capital group. Moreover, he worked his way up the corporate ladder. Currently, he serves as chairman of Capital Group. Moreover, he does an excellent job. Since his ascendance to the position, the company has seen an unprecedented amount of growth. Also, they continue to expand their operations. In addition, Timothy Armour comes from an educated background. While attending Middlebury College, Timothy earned a bachelor’s degree. Aside from his expertise in investing, Timothy Armour remains an inspiration to numerous upcoming investors. In closing, Warren Buffett remains equally important and learn more about Timothy.

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  • Emily Misael
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    Many services are fully understood and the fact that Warren Buffet has been a reference point in investment is one to reckon on. It is you and star and Timothy Armopur would actually know how to do it usig the knowledge he has from university. Declaring the last stop for investment service is not that sure though one can be recommended.

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