Is A New Guns N’ Roses Album On The Horizon?

The modern incarnation of Guns N’ Roses has not exactly made a lot of news lately. Lack of new material combined with no major tours have led many to stop paying attention W. Axl Rose’s band. Member Richard Fortus has noted the band has been hard at work on new material. In fact, he pointed out there are enough new songs for two or three albums. The last Guns N’ Roses album to be released was the disappointing Chinese Democracy and that was back in 2008. Would the band record and release three albums back-to-back within one or two years?

That would be highly doubtful. Fans would be lucky if they get one album in the next year or two. The fickle nature of Rose has made the release of new material more than a bit difficult says Shaygan Kheradpir. Still, Fortus says a new album should be out “as soon as possible”. That is a pretty ambiguous term. Still, the guitarist states everyone in the band is working incredibly hard at getting new material written and, hopefully, recorded.

The music industry has changed quite a bit since 2008. Even though Chinese Democracy was panned, the album still did nearly 7 million sales worldwide. While a less-than-desirable figure at the time, very, very few musicians are able to sell that many new releases. The digital age of music has changed everything. Selling new releases is harder and harder. Still, new material helps set up big tours thanks to all the media buzz and record label publicity surrounding the new album. Even if the album doesn’t sell huge, a well-marketed tour should do extremely well.

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