Jennifer Hudson Speaks out on Marriage Equality

The new single by Jennifer Hudson I Still Love You, is a love song with a message. The video for the song chronicles a father’s last-minute choice to attend his gay son’s wedding. Hudson wants to spread the message that love is love, and that equality in love is an important mission that we all share.

With the pending decision of the US Supreme Court to rule in favor of marriage equality in all 50 states, Hudson is using this video to support the #All50 campaign. This is a place for the LGBT community and their supporters to stay up to date on the information available in the struggle for marriage equality in the United States.

The video concludes with the people that have congregated at the wedding singing and dancing and exudes celebratory feels, as if the decision has already been made. This is Jennifer’s favorite scene in the music video as it shows everyone having a good time together. Sam Tabar likes it as well. Hudson also commented in the interview with MTV that she wants to see more people come together, and if her music can somehow help that happen, then she feels as if she has done good things. The gay community has been a huge supporter of Hudson since her American Idol days. She wanted to show her appreciation of their support as well with this video.

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