John Textor Inspires Many People Worldwide

Prominent businessman John Textor is on a mission to share his
powerful executive experiences with novice professionals at Pulse
Evolution. Over the years, this influential figure has held leadership
positions at Wyndrest Holdings, Digital Domain, The Parent Company,
and BabyUniverse and, as a result, he has obtained an extensive
portfolio of skills related to music videos, character animation,
producing, business strategy, youth mentoring, entertainment, venture
capital, education, advisory boards, strategic consulting, visual
effects, feature films, start-ups, holography, music videos,
screenwriting, and new media. Notably, these noteworthy experiences
encouraged him to launched Pulse Evolution in 2013, which is a
revolutionary corporation specializing in human animation. As an
expert entrepreneur and producer, Textor strives to assist his team
members with unique animated creations.

Pulse Evolution’s unprecedented and unique services are in high demand in the
entertainment industry. Although the competitive marketplace encompasses many
companies focusing on digital humans, this prominent enterprise is the
leader in merging technology and intellectual property ownership.
Notably, almost immediately after their inception, Pulse Evolution
acquired the animation rights of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and
Michael Jackson, all of which appeared in many successful branding

In 2014, Pulse Evolution strategically partnered with The Estate of Elvis Presley to
create a computer generated “King of Rock n’ Roll.” The following
month, Textor and his expert team worked with the Authentic Brands
Group to develop a virtual animated Marilyn Monroe. Remarkably, the
success of these animated humans led to the production of the Virtual
Michael Jackson Show at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Amazingly,
this renowned performance resulted in roughly 11 million live
spectators, 35 million YouTube views , and over 98 billion internet
impressions. Moreover, by employing proprietary digital solutions, the
team portrayed the iconic stars in prominent events as well as
theatrical productions, holographic performance, mobile applications,
campaigns, and television commercials.

Alongside his admirable professional endeavor at Pulse Evolution, Textor is the
Executive Producer of Ender’s Game. This American science fiction film
is directed by Gavin Hood and encompasses many elements from the award
winning novel. He is also heavily involved with the production of Art

John Textor attended Wesleyan University and graduated with a Bachelor
of Arts degree in Economics in 1987. He is currently involved with
Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, which is a nonprofit
organization dedicated to the evolution of science and technology. He
resides in the West Palm Beach Florida area.

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