John Textor’s Rise to Fame and Fortune

John Textor’s rise to fame and fortune is a story where hard work, seizing opportunities and creativity pay off big time. Mr. Textor’s educational background includes studying at Wesleyan University in Connecticut from 1983-1987. He graduated with a bachelors of arts degree in economics from Wesleyan University.

After graduating from college in 1987, John found a job at Shearson Lehman Hutton, an investment banking firm located in New York City. After his first full time job at Shearson Lehman Hutton, John Textor moved on to work for Michael Swerdlow Companies, a real estate development firm headquartered in Miami, Florida. At Michael Swerdlow, Textor worked in the strategic planning and finance department.

In 1997 John Textor got his first taste of entrepreneurship and started his own business. He founded Wyndcrest Holdings LLC, an equity firm that specializes in investments in technology, entertainment and internet development. Mr. Textor remains involved and is still the primary manager of Wydncrest Holdings today. He founded Wyndcrest Holdings in Port St. Lucie in Florida, not far from his former employer Michael Swerdlow in Miami, Florida.

After managing his own investment firm for a few years John Textor would take on opportunities in the corporate world. He would become a chairman and eventually CEO of the Parent Company and Baby Universe, two companies that sell children’s merchandise on the web. Mr. Textor was also chairman and CEO of Sims Snowboards, another online retailer that sells snowboards and snowboarding gear.

After gaining valuable experience in the corporate world, and close to ten years of managing his own firm John Textor decided to enter the world of entertainment. He served as a chairman and worked his way up to CEO at digital domain group and digital media productions. These were two leading companies in digital animation and special effects for movies, video games, and simulations. Beginning in 2006, and ending in 2012 Mr. Textor worked at digital media productions and digital domain group to create some of the biggest films in Hollywood. His record while working in California for these companies include Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End and Tron: Legacy. His work while at these two companies included more than 80 films, some of which have won awards such as the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, for the most believable digital character.

After his stint in California with digital domain group and digital media productions Mr. Textor went to work for Pulse Evolution Corporation, also headquartered in California. Pulse Evolution is a company that specializes in creating human like characters for TV, film, scientific research, simulation and other entertainment purposes. John Textor’s recent projects have included creating virtual characters such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe for use in virtual concerts, commercials, and TV.

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