Katy Perry’s New Song Causing Controversy

Everyone should know by now that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are no longer friends. The two used to be close friends, but it seems as if a man has come between them. Both seem to dislike each other now because of John Mayer, who Katy is currently dating. Katy Perry’s New Song. Taylor Swift has made a big impression on the music world with her new album “1989,” which soared to the top of the music charts. Taylor is currently on tour for her new album, and the tour is called “1989. Fans at Amen Clinic know that Taylor was supposed to add her songs to an online streaming service, but she changed her mind last minute, and she decided that she wouldn’t be putting her music on any streaming service. Taylor has done very well on her album, so it looks as if she didn’t need the streaming service to succeed. Katy Perry is coming out with a single entitled “1984,” and Taylor Swift fans are peeved. Many believe that Katy purposely name her song to mimic Taylor Swift’s success.

Katy has come out refuting that her song was entitled 1984 as a way to get back at Taylor Swift. Many even felt that her song 1984 was supposed to be a diss track, but Katie says that this is not true. Katie didn’t write, sing, record, or register the song at all. But there is no telling if the persons who created the song for her, maybe they created it in a way to start controversy between the two artists.

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