Knowing Glen Wakeman Better

Glen Wakeman got the idea for LaunchPad Holdings LLC as he has always liked to match ideas with money. He is well aware that talented startups are always based on brilliant ideas. But he is always at a loss to understand why so many of them fail. On delving further, he realized that all this is due to a lack of structure around these ideas. People need to understand that an idea does not become a complete plan. This was the reason Glen Wakeman wanted to make planning easier by designing a much simpler platform. Thus LaunchPad Holdings was founded. Learn more about Glen Wakeman at

He likes to begin his by reviewing the numbers of the previous day. This helps him to know all about the service performance, and sales, besides the cash totals. He discusses with his partners to divide up all the daily duties. This would include sales meetings, besides design revisions, as well as managing the administrative tasks, and paying off bills. He likes to research certain things such as current customer trends. Then he reviews inquiries and responds to the communication received. He likes to know what the competition is up to. He believes in high productivity. Hence he relies on trust and division of duties in order to achieve the maximum output.


Glen Wakeman is excited to see how machine learning is being applied to resolving of business problems. There is a large amount of data available now. With machine learning, there can be insightful improvements on speed, decision-making, as well as overall quality. This would result in solutions that would help modern democracy in a big way. But Glen Wakeman is also concerned about how it relates to loss of privacy. There will be advances in politics and philosophy too which will serve as effective guideposts that would help to preserve humanity.

Glen Wakeman is able to bring ideas to life by engaging in explaining these to others. This way he outlines his thoughts works on them, takes steps to make them real, and then learns how to defend them. But he also knows that every idea is not a great one. But a really good idea also comes once in a while. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Affiliate Dork.

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