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One of the key factors to taking care of your health is regular checkups to find unnoticed health problems before they can become serious. Life Line Screenings sets the standard higher encouraging people to participate in their thorough preventive screenings in addition to just a yearly checkup with a doctor. With nearly 25 years of professional service, Life Line Screenings is an integral partner in the fight for a healthier life.

Life Line Screening Shares Knowledge

In an article posted on, Life Line Screening provided some great professional advice for men interested in better health. Here are the highlights for people in a hurry.

  • Reduce stress: we all have busy lives and stress can come from many sources such as work or even family. Try meditation, relaxing in a hot tub or listening to calming music.
  • Do Cardio: this should be a no-brainer, but it’s widely ignored. Go for a jog or a swim, raising your heart rate and sweating promotes better blood flow and will keep your cardiovascular strong and more information click here.
  • Get you sleep: being an adult is great, nobody to tell you when to go to bed or what to eat. Be your own best friend and make sure you get a good seven hours of sleep every night. Your body and mind need time to regenerate and heal.

More About Life Line Screening

Starting out in Florida back in 1993, Life Line Screening has gradually grown to offer services not just in the United States but also in the United Kingdom and Austrailia. Using state of the art technology to help people detect potentially life-threatening health issues.

Life Line Screening offers the following preventive health screenings: ultrasound screenings, finger-stick blood screenings, and limited electrocardiograph screenings. All are performed by trained professionals and in state of the art facilities.

Life Line Screening is committed to quality and helping people lead healthier lives and learn more about Life Line Screening.

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