Lime Crime Releases Fun Palette

Lime Crime is a brand that is loved by many because of the quality of the products that they put out, and many pay attention when the brand puts out a new product. The brand has recently released an eyeshadow palette that is new and different from anything that they have out currently. They have put out a palette that gives a nod to the nineties and all that was popular back then. The new palette from this brand is something that is colorful and fun, and it is something that many will enjoy trying out.

The eyeshadow palette that Lime Crime has put out contains shadows that are buttery and fun to apply. This palette is something that provides quality products that will help the one who uses it to get a good eye look with it. There are palettes out there that throw together random shadows that do not work well together, but Lime Crime did not do that with this palette. Each of the eyeshadow palettes that they put out contain a mix of colors that work well together. The palettes that have been released include a combination of neutral and bold colors, colors that will stand alone or blend together to create an interesting look.

The new eyeshadow palettes that have been released are made in packaging that helps them to be great as gift options. These palettes have a look to them that is unusual and fun. The look of the palettes helps them to be festive when they are used as a gift. These palettes are something that can help a person to become excited about makeup again if they had grown tired of all that has been previously released. The new eyeshadow palettes nod to a very good time, and they contain products that work well.

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