Louis Chenevert’s Legacy in Making UTC a Global Company

The people around us are usually the center of our success or failure. Whether we are aware or not, the actions of other do slowly affect the choices we make. These people are our educators, teaching us what is right and wrong, and how to overcome challenges. The motivation we do have maybe a novel hybrid, but with a close study, there are some people identifiable with it. Louis Chenevert, the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is one of such magnificent personalities whose actions has had an enormous impact on other people. Read more at Forbes.com.

The success of Louis cannot be understood without an insight into his past. He was born in Quebec, Canada and later got his bachelor degree in production from HEC Montreal. His education equipped him with the business skills that saw him rise to glory.

The dedication Louis Chenevert had has a young man made him gain the critical experiences with different companies. For the first 14 years of his career, he worked with the General Motors before joining Pratt and Whitney, and later as the President of the Canadian Corporation before being promoted to be the CEO of UTC.

His vision and ambitions made him soar high in his career life. Mr. Chenevert understood that as the CEO he was the engine of the company. Every action he took was to ensure his legacy lives. His vision was to invest in both people and technology for the success of the business. Louise offered his employees with an opportunity to study any degree of their choice at the expense of the company. This opportunity has improved the skill of the workforce. For the last 20 years, 39,000 employees have acquired additional degrees, costing the company a fortune of $1 billion which the CEO believed was a justified investment.

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Besides, he had a broader look that incorporated every player in business he understood that for the success of UTC, the suppliers, customers, and employees had to be satisfied. The investments on the suppliers improved the materials received with the company investing up to $40 billion US suppliers.

Today, United Technology Corporation is a global company, with the power to fairly compete with others. The foundation laid by Chenevert, through the innovative thinking and dedication will remain the pillar of UTC success. Though he is retired, the current employees and the CEO Gregory Hayes will always be proud of Mr. Chenevert. Visit utc.com to know more about Louis Chenevert.

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