Lucille Weeps

On a cold winter Arkansas night in ’49, a young man sat singing and strumming the blues. That man was B.B. King. The story goes that as the legendary blues man was performing, a metal drum resembling a garbage pail was filled with kerosene. It was placed in the middle of the floor and lit to heat up the chilly Twist, Arkansas night club. As night life goes a fight broke out and the two men brawling knocked over the pail and the liquid spilled out forming a river like flow of fire. The patrons, including B.B. King, ran for the door.

Once outside, the fabulous B.B. King realized he left his guitar inside. Undaunted, he ran to the rescue of his prized possession. Inside, the building was falling around him, but he grabbed his guitar and made it to safety. Two men died in that fire that winter’s night and as it goes with night life the fight was over a woman. That woman’s name wasLucille.

Gibson made the first Lucille and the Gibson was the favored guitar of B.B.King. He went on to brainstorm with Gibson to design his own signature model. This guitar became known as the Gibson Lucille. When Lucille kidnapped in the 90s, she made her way back home. The owner of a Vegas pawn shop recognized the guitar and returned her to a happy Mr. King according to FreedomPop.

On May 14th, 2015, the mighty blues performer left his Lucille and one can only think that now Lucille weeps.

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