Malcolm CasSelle: Explaining the Influence of Crypto Currency in Gaming

Malcolm CasSelle serves as the current chief information officer for OPSkins, a company which sells in-game virtual assets and has become a global leader because of the nature of its business. He is also considered as a cryptocurrency enthusiast, and he is recognized as one of the leading bitcoin merchants in the world. Malcolm CasSelle has demonstrated the future of virtual in-game trades with the rise of cryptocurrencies and explained why it would be advantageous to players around the world. Players who have been trading virtually for years have found out that the technology behind cryptocurrencies can create a decentralized and highly protected area for them to trade. It would also enable the virtual market to grow, as it would encourage trading.

Malcolm CasSelle created a platform that would create a central marketplace for traders who would want to transact securely, calling it WAX, an abbreviation meaning Worldwide Asset Exchange. Malcolm CasSelle used the blockchain technology to create the platform, and he stated that player to player virtual in-game trades would become the norm in the coming years, as the players would slowly adapt into using the new system. WAX is seen to become the solution to fragmentation and fraud, and Malcolm CasSelle is hoping that the gaming industry would adopt his system and develop it further to become more effective.

The WAX platform will simplify every trade created in-game, and it will enable the players to trade off instantly without being victimized by fraudulent transactions. There is a niche of security verification to ensure that the item will be transferred instantly to the person who wished to trade, and there will also be virtual lookouts who would report any inconsistencies to their guild leaders. That way, traders will be ensured that their priced item will be handed to the person whom they have transacted with. Another feature that was developed by Malcolm CasSelle is the smart contract technology which limits the conditions set by each player, making the trade less exhausting for both parties. Malcolm CasSelle is expecting that more players will be adapting to the new platforms that they have developed to enjoy their games further.

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