Michael Lacey’s Commitment In Transparent Journalism

Michael Lacey is a man who tells it like it is without distorting any information. Lacey’s journey in publication started as a response to the coverage of campus anti-war protests by the local media. He felt that the reporting was inaccurate and the public needed to know the truth. Phoenix New Times was a weekly alternative newspaper that explored social and political issues.

Lacey was the executive director and his business partner Jim Larkin was the head of the advertisement. The paper gained prominence as a nation’s growing alternative newspaper.

In 1983, New Times purchased Westword (Denver) and later embraced 17 like-minded newspapers in the main cities such as Village Voice (NYC), LA Weekly and Miami New Times. The Phoenix New Times revealed that the grand jury subpoenas were targeting its editors, writers, and readers. Learn more about Jim Larkin:  https://michael-lacey.com/ and https://michael-lacey.com/about/

That publication led to the arrest and jailing of Lacey and Larkin. Maricopa Arizona County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio executed and instigated the arrest in October 2007. Following a public outcry, the duo was released, all charges dropped, and the subpoenas quashed within 24 hours.

After thorough investigations, it was revealed that the jury warrants were counterfeit and had bypassed the legal safeguards. Larkin and Lacey filed a suit for wrongful arrest and were paid by the Maricopa County $3.75 in late 2013.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was established in 2014, and the law suit proceeds were used to distribute the proceeds to the Latin- American Groups in Arizona.

Village Voice Media (VVM) Holdings is well known for investigative reporting, magazine feature writing and coverage of food, music, film, arts and local events. Before its sale in 2012, the chain of alternative weekly newspaper (VVM) had reached 9M print readers and 56M online readers every month. It has been awarded many journalistic honors such as the Pulitzer Prize due to its founders ‘commitment to the first Amendment.

Michael is a son of a construction worker who encouraged him to read the New York Journal- America every day. That culture of reading ignited his love for journalism. He attended the Essex County Catholic Schools and later joined the Arizona State University.

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