Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory Give the Little Guy a Chance

Swiss Startup Factory is an organization that helps new startups gain traction and thrive in today’s economy. When starting a business, you need three things above all else, money, knowledge of the industry, and a place to work. Swiss Startup Factory provides the resources necessary for success, including generous funding, coaching, and office space. Leading the charge is Mike Baur, a co-founder and a managing partner that truly cares about the well-being of companies in his incubator.

Success with business comes when your people personally invest in the outcome. This phrase seems truer when your business is to find and help others grow. Mike Baur defines what it means to be personally invested, literally using his resources to get the project started. Mike has built a career seeing the value in others, and his twenty years of experience prove invaluable to the betterment of the small business community.

Finding a loan for a startup can be one of the most challenging aspects of starting a new venture. Traditional banks or investment houses do not have the means or the will to see potential. Mike Baur, leading the financial aspects of SSUF has changed what once was a bleak outlook for startups. Thanks to Mike, a startup can apply for SSF’s accelerator program which includes financing to get you started. What do you need? You need a good idea and a plan of execution. Anybody that has asked for a loan with nothing but a good idea can appreciate the opportunity Mike Baur and his team at Swiss Startup bring emerging startups.

Beyond simply getting money, financial services are in place to take the burden of cash management away from the entrepreneur. Using these services, small business owners can focus on the important task of building their empire. Bookkeeping, managing invoices, and payroll are paramount to the financial health of your business. Swiss Startup offers services covering all the bases, leaving the business owner free to make more detail oriented decisions. Beyond being a managing partner, Mike Baur is personally responsible for the fundraising that will ultimately benefit startups in the SSF program.

Visionaries like Mike Baur are in some cases the only way a small business can ever exist. These companies go on to offer new and exciting services like a game building service from Struckd or Carhelper, a service that finds a solution to your car troubles. Thanks to Mike and the people over at Swiss Startup Factory, the world is just a bit easier, and a bit more fun.

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