Milan Kordestani; Soaring High at a Young Age

Millan Kordestani was born and brought up in Stanford California where he attended Phillips Brooks Elementary Schools. After his parents divorced in 2009, he moved to London, England and continued with his studies at Eaton Square School. He moved back to the US in 2010 where and attended the Sacred Heart Preparatory Schools in Bay Area, San Francisco. He graduated from High School in 2017.

Major achievements

His interest in horse riding began at an early age of 10 after being thrown off a runaway while trail riding. In a recent interview with the National Horseman, Kordestani indicated that the incident influenced a significant mark on his life. While most children would have given up, he braced up, and rode back to the camp. According to the National Horseman magazine, Kordestani developed the passion, worked hard and driven by the urge to win blue ribbons, he achieved a lot in the world of sport within a very short time. He started training while attending school at Sacred Heart Preparatory. Kordestani impressively progressed and started competing in world championships. His major breakthrough came in 2015 when he won the first leg of the triple crown with his horse CH His Supreme Reflection. In the third leg, he gained a third position nationally. In the same year, he was ranked fourth in the World Championship Horse Show. His highest ranking was becoming second at the 2016 World Championships Horse Show. Apart from the success in the world of sport, Kordestani ventured in agriculture with the production of poultry, eggs and saffron. He established the Milan Farms that also facilitated the connection of other similar farms across the country. His farm embraced technology and became the first to grow saffron hydroponically on microfiber sponges.


Milan Kordestani is currently studying in Bay Area San Francisco. Apart from studying, he is also the CEO of Milan Farms and also a writer with the Huffington Post. He founded the Milan Farms in 2015 in an effort to create a human and organic system of farming poultry and pure saffron. This model of farming gained prominence and the business has grown exponentially.

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