NBA Ownership Changes Continue As Bruce Levenson Sells The Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks are one of the best known and best loved teams in the NBA with a long history that includes a single NBA Championship victory in 1958. Over the course of their history the Hawks have been close to winning the NBA Championship on a number of occassions and have recently been a fixture in the postseason each season, but now hope the arrival of the billionaire Tony Ressler can inspire them to new heights. The return to prominence of the Atlanta Hawks within the NBA can be seen as another business success for the analytics expert, Bruce Levenson who completed the sale of the Hawks in the summer of 2015 after over a decade in charge of the franchise.

The rise of the billionaire investor in the NBA can be seen as an extension of the growth of sporting empires owned by billionaires from the US and European investors. Tony Ressler heads a team of business specialists who have invested in the Hawks and purchased the rights to operate Philips Arena, but the available options for investors in the US differ from those who purchase teams in Europe. The growth of investing in spotrs teams could be as growing from the arrival of investors in English soccer teams in the 1990s, but the English soccer world does not capa salaries or spending in the same way as US sporting leagues.

Bruce Levenson according to website wikipedia headed the return to form of the Atlanta Hawks in the early 21st century, following his purchase of the franchise in 2004. Working within the confines of a salary cap and the need to remain within strict budget guidelines made it a difficult job for Bruce Levenson to turn the Hawks into a major force once more in the NBA. However, Levenson used the business experience he gained as the founder of UCG and worked on a long term strategy to turn the Hawks into the best team in the Eastern Conference of the NBA.

It remains to be seen if the ownership of Tony Ressler will match that of Bruce Levenson in terms of the off court achievements the Maryland based businessperson led the Hawks to. Charitable and community based projects played an important part in the life of Bruce Levenson, who has gone so far as to establish a new course on nonprofit leadership at the University of Maryland. The many community based projects Levenson led the Hawks into include a large investment in the Make A Wish Foundation and many local community programs. As Bruce Levenson departs the Atlanta Hawks the new owners must look to preserve the legacy he created as the public face of the Atlanta Hawks ownership consortium.

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