New Research Shows Coffee Such As That Sold By Organo Gold Is Very Healthy

Over the years coffee has been the subject of studies on its health effects. Annals of Internal Medicine recently published two new studies that support the idea that drinking coffee is healthy and can extend your life. The research says that cancer likely reduces health risks such as strokes and heart disease.

While other studies have said coffee drinking can be part of a healthy diet, this research is the first that shows it actually has life-extending properties. The studies show that whether the coffee had caffeine or was decaffeinated made no difference. Both versions still lowered the risk of dying from kidney disease, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and suffering a stroke. This held true across all races that were included as part of the study. Organo Gold is also available at Amazon.

The lead author of one of the studies, Veronica Setiawan, said that as each population reacted the same to coffee the evidence shows drinking coffee is a good choice no matter whether you’re Asian, White, Latino, or African-American as it made no difference.

Organo Gold is a company in the premium coffee and tea industry. What makes this company different than its competitors is that its products include the mushroom Ganoderma. Research over the years says that this mushroom has several healthy things about it. Reportedly among these is the ability to lower cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, antibacterial and antiviral properties, and others. Watch this video on Youtube.

At Organo Gold they offer a wide variety of premium coffees and teas for sale. Among these are Black Coffee, Cafe Mocha, and King of Coffee which is an Arabica bean blend. They also offer many types of tea including Black Ice, Red Tea, and Green Tea. Their products are available in many countries around the world through exclusive independent distributors.



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