Oncotarget; Pushing towards a Disease-Free World

Many online platforms have been opened to facilitate the spread of information as the world shifts towards being digitalized. The shift which has seen people from different parts of the world change the way they do things has been taking effect slowly over the years. These changes have been felt even in the medical world where online journals like Oncotarget are being released. Oncotarget was `invented with the aim of passing important medical information to the public. This information is meant to educate the public on discoveries made about different diseases. Watch this video on Youtube.

The journal had been concentrating solely on oncology but has started focusing on other fields like cardiology, aging, pharmacology, metabolism, neuroscience, cell and molecular biology. Oncotarget has been ranked among the top most journals that are releasing information based on oncology. The reason for this high ranking is because the journal’s releases are timely, informative and can be relied on to provide factual information. They are peer-reviewed and rectified if a contradiction occurs. They are open to the public, and anyone who wishes to access them can do so freely over the internet from any corner of the world.

Due to the demand for the journals, Oncotarget now releases two or even three journals in a week. Previously, the public could only access one weekly journal, but it was judged to be necessary to increase the weekly releases since the journal was seen to be so effective in passing important info. The renowned scientist who Oncotarget works with also contributes greatly to the success of the journal. Learn more about Oncotarget at Eurekalert.org.

Many people have been benefiting significantly from the journal releases by oncotarget, and the increase of weekly releases means that the number benefiting from it will increase significantly. This means that more lives are going to be saved as people continue to be more aware of the diseases threatening their lives and how they can fight these diseases. The online coverage also makes it easier for people to access the information making it very convenient. Oncotarget should, therefore, keep up the good work and continue directing the world towards a world that is disease-free.

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