Glen Wakeman Has Ideas To Help Your Start-Up

The failure rates of start-ups are exceptionally high. Until recently, there hasn’t been a software platform that makes the hard work of planning in these circumstances measurably easier. Glen Wakeman has risen to the challenge with LaunchPad Holdings. The focus of the company is to give entrepreneurs the tools they need to successfully launch their businesses. They work primarily with people who are at the beginning of their efforts in creating a business to help them properly layout plans which makes the task of raising capital a whole lot easier (Gazetteday). The software enables users to structure their project with realistic goals in mind, and to learn about the legal entity issues that may arise. It just simply made sense for someone who has built teams, raised capital, and participated in start-ups to create this tool.

Glen Wakeman has over two decades of experience in business management and development. He is the president and founder of Nova Four, a company that advises and funds fledgling companies. LaunchPad Holdings is an online planning service that uses digital marketing to attract customers ( He gained quite a bit of experience working at GE Capital where he presided over an operation spanning nine countries, generating over $2 billion in revenue, and employing about 17,000 people. Building international networks, signing partnerships, and creating new products kept him engaged in thinking about the inner workings of how to develop and grow businesses.

After obtaining a degree from Scranton University, a BS in Economics and Finance, he went on to get his MBA at the University of Chicago. Glen has lived and worked in six different countries in South America, Europe, and Asia. As a successful mentor, small business owner, public company CEO, and financial service executive, he consistently writes about administration strategies, international finance, and emerging markets.


Director General Kamil Idris and A Response to His World Intellectual Property Rights Day Involvement

Being a politician is not just challenging, but rewarding. The challenging part is when you are putting yourself at risk when the public you’re protecting as a public servant has attracted so much enmity, that you might be putting your life in danger. Since the biblical times, being a judge and protecting those who are about to be punished would be needing a lot of protection because of the nature of being a politican. Fortunately, we still have public servants and leaders like Director General Kamil Idris who still brave the path of public service despite the risks.

The World Intellectual Property Day Celebration: A Response

At the IE Forum is a long speech from Director General Kamil about the recent World Intellectual Property Day. In that speech, he talked about the importance of intellectual property rights and about doing promotions work to get the message across. While this isn’t a layman issue that a person in the street would be able to relate immediately, the fact of the matter is that world intellectual rights celebration has its purpose. As a form of response, we can say here that it is remarkable that Director General Kamil is still finding time to promote such advocacy despite his busy schedule.

Secondly, it is also amazing that he’s able to acknowledge the link between intellectual property rights and the new technologies that we all enjoy today. Without such linkages, we as a whole would probably not be able to enjoy the technology, entertainment, apps and social media networks that we all take advantage of right now. It is also important for Director General Kamil to recognize that human creativity has to have limits and ownership of such rights should mean a fair and just deliberation of who owns what. The celebration of such event is indeed an impressive way for Director General Kamil to drive the point of his advocacy.

In conclusion, the celebration of the intellectual property rights of the world through Director General Kamil has been a success and should be a continued advocacy for the protection and respect of humanity’s greatest asset: its imagination.

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NGP VAN Provides Digital Solutions for Democratic Political Campaigns

A comment you often hear from politicians is “Our strategy is to have a good ground game.” Every candidate wants an effective ground game and NGP VAN, and their digital tools are poised to assist Democratic candidates in developing an efficient ground game. A ground game or “canvassing,” is volunteers and sometimes the candidate himself or herself knocking on the doors of constituents to ask for their vote. Unfortunately, many campaigns are doing it wrong.

In a recent article published in the Chronicle of the Week, an independent online news forum, the author Haley Thompson indicated canvassing is becoming more difficult. The amount of dollars needed to launch and sustain an effective political campaign and the fact that voters have moved into opposite “ideological corners,” complicates canvassing as a political strategy.

Thompson shares that during the 2016 federal campaign, candidates spent a combined total of $6.4 billion and in 2017, David Broockman of Stanford and Joshua Kalla from UC Berkley conducted a study and results indicated only 1 out of every 800 voters switched their allegiance from one candidate to another. Canvassing as a political tool is not dead, but politicians and campaigns waste their time if the goal of their canvassing is to sway voters on the opposite ideological spectrum. The more effective way to conduct canvassing is to appeal on a personal level with voters of similar ideology to the candidate. NGP VAN has developed digital tools to assist candidates in preparing canvassing campaigns that are efficient and effective.

NGP VAN developed an iOS and Android compatible app called MiniVAN. This NGP VAN app is free and it reduces the effort required for active and strategic canvassing by developing lists, maps, and talking points automatically, something it would take canvass organizers considerable hours to build. MiniVAN also provides data so the canvasser can personalize their message. For example, through a feature in MiniVAN known as Distributed Canvassing, critical data about issues relevant to the voter is available. If the voter is a veteran, for example, the canvasser can share information with him or her about where the candidate stands on the issue of veteran’s affairs.

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MiniVAN with Distributed Canvassing streamlines canvassing efforts and saves campaigns countless hours in the development and analysis of data. These data tools also enable politicians to target voters with similar ideology and to personalize their message to the individual voter.


Why The Founder Of Stansberry Research Thinks Warren Buffett Has Lost His Touch

The founder of Stanberry Research, Porter Stansberry, wrote an article in early March 2018 about a huge problem that Berkshire Hathaway has which has remained hidden until now. He starts out by saying that Warren Buffett’s investing savvy has turned his company Berkshire Hathaway into a company that has made a lot of people a whole lot of money over the years. Buffett is also really good at PR. However, Stansberry wrote that he is really mismanaging his company of late. As for Porter Stansberry himself, he founded his company in 1999. It has numerous publications designed to enlighten investors regardless of investing in stocks, bonds, precious metals, timber, oil, or other alternative assets. Stansberry Research is based in Maryland and has satellite offices in Florida, California, and Oregon (

As an independent firm, Stansberry Research isn’t beholden to anyone when reporting their opinions, like Porter Stansberry taking aim at Warren Buffett’s management. He edits is his own publication, Stansberry’ Investment Advisory, and has many other editors working at his company who have their own publications which go out on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule. That’s why Stansberry feels free to say that at Berkshire Hathaway much of what made it great in the past is gone. Its strategies aren’t nearly as good as they were years ago, their structure is a mess, and the brilliance seems to be missing. He thinks that Warren Buffet’s company will eventually be broken up with the parts sold off to the highest bidders.

Stansberry wrote that Warren Buffett used to use a strategy of getting access to massive quantities of capital. The way he did this was by buying property & casualty insurance firms with National Indemnity being the first. He could use these firm’s floats (money saved for potential claims) to buy other companies. However, in 2003 Buffett stopped following this strategy and now Berkshire Hathaway doesn’t have the access to capital it once did. Porter Stansberry covers more of this in his article for his subscribers. His company has over 500,000 subscribers around the world and can provide information to investors regardless of what asset they are considering.


Equities First Holdings AU- LLC

Equity first holding Australia is based in Sydney where they also operate a satellite in Melbourne and Perth. Though they also serve in other parts of the world, they are also based in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Equity first holdings (EFH) is a limited liability company which started its operation in 2000. The main aim of the company is to provide an alternative way of financing of its clients in meeting their goals. EFH provide finance with the shares traded in all over the world. It has been able to complete over 690 transactions since it started.

Equity first holdings have agreed with the environmental clean Technologies limited where they will provide funding for development of the major project in India. Al Christy Jr acts as the president of the company where he works with other management teams to bring up a plan for the of the company’s future.

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Who is Sheldon Lavin?

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and C.E.O. of OSI Group, an American privately owned holding company which processes meat and services the retail and food service industry. OSI Group delivers to an international audience, and therefore has an international headquarters, which is centered in Aurora, Illinois. In addition to being the Chairman and C.E.O. of OSI Group, Lavin also serves as the President of OSI International Foods Ltd. In addition to this, Lavin serves as the General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center, while also serving as one of the directors of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Today Sheldon Lavin resides in Chicago, Illinois. Since his funding of the company known as Otto & Sons, which later developed into OSI Group, Lavin has come a long way and has developed an extensive amount of industry knowledge. Through Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group grew from being a domestic food processing company, to an international industry leader. The company now has more than 60 locations in 60 different countries.

In looking at an article on CEOCFO Magazine, pertaining to Sheldon Lavin, we can see a question and answer formatted piece which holistically approaches looking at Sheldon Lavin’s career. In looking at the beginning of the article, the question which is posed, is how Lavin became involved with meat processing. The answer which is given, details that Lavin got involved with meat processing when he financed the first meat processing facility that the Kolschowsky family built in Chicago. The article then goes on to ask about Lavin’s vision for OSI Industries, to which he says that he aimed to grow the company to become a world class meat processing business from the beginning. Other questions include asking of the global reach, and product range of OSI to which, Lavin responds with their numbers, in being located in over 70 facilities.

In looking at an article on the French Tribune, which pertains to Sheldon Lavin and his global expansion of OSI Group, we can see the background behind the company known as OSI Group. The article goes on to look into the leadership skills behind Sheldon Lavin, bringing up his position at OSI Group of C.E.O. Then it talks of the 100-year history of OSI Group, when it was under the operation of Otto Kolschowsky. In its closing remarks, as well as body, the article sums up the various impactful acquisitions and joint ventures which OSI Group embarked in.

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The Brain Benefits of Altruism

Prominent Brazilian neuroscientist Jorge Moll and his colleague Jordan Grafman have made an intriguing breakthrough in the study of why humans chose to sacrifice their self-interest for the good of others. The combination of strong science and the influential mind behind it make this find particularly remarkable.


The Science

Dr. Jorge Moll and his colleague were studying scans of the brains of people while they were donating to charity. Backing their study was behavioral research that showed that people were willing to give to charities that mattered to them, at their own expense. The economists behind that study suggested that people were willing to be altruistic because they received some psychological benefit from the action. Jorge Moll’s brain scans showed exactly what happened: When people gave to a cause that mattered to them, two different reward centers in the brain lit up. The first is known as the Midbrain VTA and is the area that responds to drugs, sex, food, and money. The second, somewhat surprisingly, was the subgenual area. This area usually only responds to seeing a baby or a romantic partner. The effect of these two pathways lighting up together is that the giver experiences a unique pleasant sensation when they give.


The Minds Behind the Science

One of the two pilot scientists in this study was Jorge Moll, MD, Ph.D. No stranger to altruism himself, Dr. Moll is president of three philanthropic scientific agencies in Brazil that work to enhance the quality and availability of healthcare around the world. Dr. Moll is both a medical doctor and an esteemed scientist, as well as one of the brightest medical minds in Brazil. His presence in this study added an impressive layer of expertise and reliability to what was already a science-backed process. Together with Dr. Grafman, Dr. Jorge Moll has stumbled upon a neurophysiological response to altruism that may be used in the future to improve the lives of many patients.



Clayton Hutson and Strong Musical Performances

Clayton Hutson is a conscientious person who has been working on live shows for musicians everywhere for years at this point. He’s a business owner who has a lot of experience. He accommodates the needs of event planners and musicians alike. He studied theater design at a university prior to beginning work. This skilled audio engineer landed jobs with businesses that were part of the world of live music. He was able to land a project manager position, too. He worked on boosting his abilities for quite some time. He chose to set up a company that handles all sorts of needs that relate to concerts. The company designs, produces and supervises them. He typically concentrates on musical performances that are part of the rock genre. He has worked on a wide assortment of technical and administrative responsibilities for prominent musical acts such as Pink, Guns N Roses and even Kid Rock.


Hutson was involved in a world tour back in 2005 that was referred to as “Bleed Like Me.” This tour was for an alternative rock outfit by the name of Garbage. He went to all sorts of destinations for this tour, too. These included North America, Australia and Europe. He functioned as a monitor engineer. Hutson not long ago was in charge of a rigging system that was automatic. This was for the Honda Civic Tour for OneRepublic. These musical performances were in both Asia and North America. They occurred in the months of July and August. They were some that occurred in September as well. Learn more:


Hutson had earlier positions that gave him the ability to acquire various marketing strengths. The big recession negatively affected his place of employment in a massive way. That’s the thing that motivated Hutson to set up a firm on his own. He knew that doing so would be pretty scary at first. He knew well that he’d be able to do everything he wanted, though. Hutson’s strengths give him self-esteem.


This engineer understands the value of drawing in new clients all of the time. He has a strong work ethic that keeps him going day in and day out. He’s not someone who is afraid of going the extra mile. Hutson thinks about technological advancements that have brought on the growth of the music world. He makes a point to stay on top of all technological advancements that may be beneficial to his client base.

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare operates a group of care homes in Sussex, United Kingdom. The company specializes in offering care to older adults with dementia, neurological problems, mental handicaps, and physical handicaps.

Sussex Healthcare also provides several support services to the older adults in their independently run care homes. Sussex Healthcare is the perfect solution for seniors that require personal care to live a satisfying lifestyle. In addition, the care homes are staffed by friendly, warm, and caring people that truly understand the needs of the older adults. Seniors receive personal care, customized treatments, meals, recreational activities, and social activities too. Clearly, Sussex Healthcare firmly believes in treating the entire individual.

About Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare provides a high quality level of care in their residential homes. This care might include providing personal services, meals, treatments, medical services, and transportation. The organization provides 20 care homes to the Sussex community. The company has provided care and operated the homes for 25 years. The care homes are a way to provide independent living for seniors in a comfortable and home like atmosphere. The organization is managed by Amanda Morgan-Taylor, the new CEO. Currently, she is getting familiar with the organization and implementing strategies to help the organization grow.

Working For Sussex Healthcare
The company requires a staff that is well-trained, warm, and friendly. Care is provided to the older adults in a home like atmosphere, which encourages a more satisfying and stable environment for the senior adult. People in the community trust Sussex Healthcare to provide their family member with the best care possible. Therefore, they require a staff that meets the previous criteria. Ultimately, Sussex Healthcare’s goal is to be the best healthcare provider for seniors in the local and surrounding community.

Job Opportunities
Sussex is always on the hunt for talented people to provide high quality services to the people in their care home. The fact is that they look for people that enjoy providing services to people in need to populate the staff. The organization also offers staff members excellent benefits and the opportunity for training and education. Below are a few of the job opportunities available. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to work with a great group of professionals providing great care and making a positive difference in a senior’s life. Sussex Healthcare has job openings for the following.

Registered Care Home Manager
Registered Nurse
Deputy Care Home Manager
Care Assistants
Kitchen Assistant
Senior Care
Domestic Assistant

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The interesting facts about freedom checks

Have you ever thought to yourself how could i make more money? Well maybe I am about to answer your questions about money.

Matt Badiali talks about these checks that have more money than you could ever think about having. There are no age limits on them and they can do about anything for a person. Matt also considers these checks to be an investment because of the way people have been spending them when they need them. Matt helps clients choose the checks they need based on the profit and the way the money is going to be spent. He also helps other people invest in the money that way they can have more when the payout is final. This is huge because then they have the money and Matt has a sale or check that he has done. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali thinks these checks have been his life saving call because he only found them when he was working and he could have been doing something with these checks all along. Matt discovered there was many companies using these checks and that’s when he decided to join them and help with the freedom checks more or less. Not only have these checks been looked into and considered to be 100% legit but people who have a name have been cashing them to make a easy profit. One of these people for example would be Doug Smith who made money doing this. There are also times when Matt have said to put the money towards the money. In other words every time you put so much money into these checks you get more money back when you cash the check making every penny worth it.


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