Paul Mampilly Explains Why You Should Invest In Microchip Technology and How It Will Change the World

Much has been said about microchips. If you are a savvy investor, you should definitely look into the microchip market and consider investing in it. After all, more and more companies are starting to use microchips in their employees.

It is a smart investment for many reasons. First of all, think about how much easier it makes life for those who have it. There is no need to carry around a key or fumble around trying to open a door. There is no need to fumble in your wallet and try to find your credit card. You never have to fear losing your credit card or wallet again. You do not even need to carry them around. You will be able to buy things using your microchip. When visiting a healthcare professional, they will be able to get your information from your microchip. This is especially useful in cases of emergency.

Are there any downsides to getting chipped? The first concern that would enter people’s minds is how this affects our personal privacy. Will people be able to access our information if it is all stored on a microchip in our bodies? Paul Mampilly explains that our information is already stored in so many places, so that argument is not really valid. For example, our smartphones have so much information about us and we do not even realize it. Online shopping companies store our information. Social media sites store our information. Cell phone companies know information about us. Credit card companies store our information. Microchips do not really change the way things work already.

When you look at the benefits of microchips, you realize that they vastly outweigh any possible cons. For example, you no longer have to miss an important business flight because you were in a rush and forgot your passport. In essence, this technology will change the world. It will vastly change the way we lead our lives. There are similar technologies as well that continue to grow, such as the biometric industry and technologies that can recognize people by scanning their face, fingerprints, or eyes.

Paul Mampilly manages two popular trading firms. He has worked with the Royal Bank of Scotland. He has experience with finding the best industries to invest in that will bring a future profit. He believes that the microchip industry is one of them.

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