Philanthropist George Views on Trump Election

George Soros is one of the billionaires in the USA. He became a US citizen after the World War 2 when his father changed their identities. He did this to save them from the industrial Hitler’s Germany in 1994. He studied in London school of economics. The billionaire was Hilary Clinton’s supporter, and donated millions of money to Clinton’s campaign.

In London school, George Soros came up with his philosophy which was imperfection and reflexivity. This aided him in distinguishing various political systems. One of them is when the citizens elected who were to look at their interest. The other political regime is where the leader chose to control their juniors to serve their interests. George Soros supports the first system where leaders looked at the interest of the electorate and oppose the regime of selfish leaders.

The collapse of the Soviet Union left the United States as the superpower. The US has been focusing on the globalization of commercial markets on over the years so as to increase the country’s wealth. This has also bridged the gap between the poor and the rich a little bit. However, it has grown inequalities between countries with low economic growth rate and high economic growth rate. As George states, times are going to change. This is because the super power which leads the globe in democracy has elected a con man. In addition to that, the president is a dictator thus putting the financial markets in the world at stake on He also adds that the US foundations are strong enough to overcome the situation. Moreover, it’s impossible to know how Trump will behave as he was not expecting to win; he was busy constructing his brand.

The United States will be engaged in internal struggles on Forbes, and the subjects are going to suffer. Trump will form an alliance with other dictators and will put up with them in the US. This will make the superpower unable to defend democracy in the rest of the world.

George Soros also adds that it may not be business as usual as Trump may try to make China great. He will do this by making it more acceptable as a principal associate of the international community. However, George Soros is substantially focused on philanthropy than politics. He has contributed over 8 billion dollars to the worldwide network of open society foundations. This organization has fostered free speech under the communists’ regimes. He has also assisted the higher learning institutions. George Soros has contributed more than 400 million dollars to promote colleges and other education institutions in the US. He also helped the women to march protestors. The women and men went to the streets to oppose the policies of trump which are oppressive.

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