Protecting Company Data And The Challenges Of Doing It

Biometric technologies and multi-factor authentication methods, offered by companies such as OneLogin, are arriving to the forefront of being an alternative system of authentication. This is due to the current landscape, one where data breaches seem to happen regularly.

There is an opportunity for professionals to find and create the right combination of behavioral and physiological biometrics, as well as password authentication in order to enhance their current identity strategy. Google’s Project Abacus combines both of those types of biometrics, with the goal of not having to rely on passwords as much.

However, not all companies can afford the costs associated with giving every single one of their employee access to a reader, regardless if it’s a behavioral reading or biometric reading. Not only that, but companies need to figure out what types of technologies they should implement, such as fingerprint readers or something else.

Fingerprints can even be hacked these days. Crooks have been known to duplicate fingerprints via various methods. Furthermore, fingerprint readers can be compromised because of smudges, oil and dirt to name a few.

Other challenges includes whether or not companies can manage the abundance of devices that are used to access data. This means businesses have to decide if they want to make biometric readers available on mobile devices, desktops, tablets and so forth.

Companies also face the challenge of privacy issues. Businesses might have to figure out how users outside their businesses will be authenticated when they need to access certain information. This also goes for independent contractors and anyone else who isn’t an employee at the company.

About OneLogin

OneLogin provides companies and organizations with identity and access management services and products. These services and products, known as IAM for short, are designed to secure user access to devices and applications via single sign-on. The company offers several products/services and over 33 app vendors currently rely on their products.

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