Rocketship Education and its Foudation in 2007

RSED has nearly four thousand students in attendance in the Fall semester of 2017. Preston Smith helped the school grow to its current size by following ten rules he learned as the administrator of a large charter school. He released to the public these valuable tidbits of pedagogical information, hoping all educators would adopt them. After all, something about Preston Smith and his experience in early childhood education certainly led him to success.

Hiring teachers that aren’t scared to work overtime for students are most ideal for Rocketship Education. The nonprofit charter school system compensates teachers more adequately than most schools, despite being located in areas with high levels of poverty.

Getting help from celebrities like Andre Agassi in funding schools hasn’t hurt, either. He helped open up the first charter school in Washington DC’s inner city. Today, the three locations in the nation’s capital tally up in excess of 50,000—square feet.

In 2004, Preston Smith was part of a group of parents, educators, and concerned citizens that founded an elementary school in San Jose. Smith was a Founding Principal of LUCHA Elementary for three years, up until he created Rocketship Education with the help of John Danner.

RSED teaches students things about life they don’t often learn in other schools, including emotions. They’re even taught how they interact with social behaviors, preparing them for lifetimes of better communication, even for those that speak primarily Spanish.

Every location of Preston Smith’s creation has safe zones that parents can’t get arrested for living in the United States illegally. This is a key reason why many Hispanic, or Spanish-speaking, parents choose Rocketship Education.

Preston Smith solicits opinions from virtually everybody associated with Rocketship Education, as their input is at least somewhat valuable. It’s not like teachers are forced to use what they suggest to improve operations, so why not solicit from those that might be able to help? It can’t hurt

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