Ryan Seacrest Focus on Fitness

It’s hard to find a person who has not had some struggle with food or exercise at some point in their life. Surprisingly the same can be said about American Idol Host Ryan Seacrest. Today Seacrest looks slim and in shape but he struggled for years as a chubby kid. Seacrest has used those struggles to motivate him work hard as an adult to maintain a slim healthy body. His focus on fitness has allowed him to maintain a hectic schedule and perform at a high level.

Ryan Seacrest remember his struggle with weigh from an early age. Seacrest was a heavyset kid from Dunwoody, GA who often kept his shirt on when he got in the pool. He loved to sneak and grab cookies and nachos when his mom wasn’t around. He vividly remember going to get school clothes in Marshall’s Department Store. He would have to go to find husky jeans to wear. The memories stuck with Ryan. As a young adult he was able to lose the weight. At the age of 37 he remains focused on staying fit. He documented this on his Instagram account.

Ryan Seacrest maintains his success with a strict routine. Despite his busy schedule with his show On Air with Ryan Seacrest, he gets an hour of exercise each day. He schedules his workouts each week just as if he was scheduling his meetings. He has a trainer that helps guide his workouts and he strides for a variety of exercises. Ryan is convinced it’s he consistent working out that allows him to maintain his incredible schedule. Seacrest allows himself to cheat on his diet occasionally. He occasionally enjoys warm chocolate chip cookies or Mexican food, his favorite. These are eaten in moderation however, as he stays focused on being in shape.

Ryan Seacrest, the TV and radio show host and producer, has built an amazing career as he approaches his 38th birthday. He continues his hosting duties with American Idol as he also hosts Live with Kelly and Ryan. Furthermore he is also an active philanthropist working with his foundation The Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

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