Sahm Adrangi and His Negative Assesment for Kodak

Sahm Adrangi is one of the many business leaders today who are trying to address the disconsolate challenges of running a business, and the fact that he’s still in the market means that he knows a lot about running a business that makes it hard to ignore his leadership style. Consider his assessment of Kodak as an example. Follow Sahm Adrangi on


The Negative Report on Kodak Company


In the latest Press Release from CNBC, we read that Sahm Adrangi, the investment manager of Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC, has assessed the market value of Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: KODK), which is a commercial printing and imaging company. Its stocks have risen lately to about 187%. This rise of market value could be because it is partnering now with a blockchain company and taking advantage of the new progress and solutions that come with a Blockchain program. It is the assessment of Sahm Adrangi that there will be a negative series of results for KODAK. Its negative report means that it gives the Eastman Kodak Company a short position.


Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale explains that the recent announcement that comes with Kodak’s performance has a lot to do with the hollow attempt to chase away the ICO case that does nothing to offset what Kodak’s poor performance is doing. He also believes that there’s an unsustainable capital foundation in Kodak, which is the result of its negative assessment.


Truly, this explains why Kerrisdale sees a solid short position for Eastman Kodak Company, and companies like Kerrisdale will benefit a lot if the share price of Kodak falls.



About Sahm Adrangi


What you should know about Mr. Sahm is the fact he’s the passionate and leading founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC.


There’s a lot of projects that go along with Mr. Sahm, and for this, he’s been involved with a lot of aspects of the firm’s development programs. Some of the projects he got involved with include being the Investment Analyst at Longacre Fund Management, LLC. He also worked as a finance restructuring programs for various bankrupt companies and bank debt holders. He also worked for the Deutsche Bank as a leverage finance officer and manager. Visit The Hedgefund Journal to know more about Sahm Adrangi.


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