Sawyer Howitt Working Side-by-Side with Father in Family Business

Sawyer Howitt is still a young man, a student at Lincoln High School; however, he has already begun his working career as an entrepreneur via his parents company. He is the son of David Howitt, CEO of the Meriwether Group in Portland, Oregon. Sawyer is a project manager, working with his father to provide a high standard of work ethics in the management, consulting and service firm, to help future entrepreneurs.

The family that Sawyer Howitt grew up with are Jewish, but they do not attend regular services. They, along with Sawyer, celebrate special occasions. The holiday services are an important part of their lifestyles. They light candles on Fridays. Shabbat candles are in recognition of a day of rest in the Jewish community.

Sawyer’s sister might be three years his junior, but she shows the same promise as her brother. The family business is important to the entire family as the company continues to grow on a daily basis. Sawyer looks forward to a long career at Meriwether Group as he continues to follow in his father’s footsteps. He knows he has tough boots to fill, but he also knows that the hard work will pay off.


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