Secrets Of Igor Cornelsen Investing Success

Now retired from investment banking, Igor Cornelsen still has clients call him for investment advice. Born in Brazil, he worked at several of the Brazilian banks, where he learned the trends of stocks and how to identify which of them were likely to succeed. As a result of many years of experience, he still passes along his strategies and tips to anyone serious about long term investing.

In For The Long Haul

Mr. Igor Cornelsen believes firmly in long-term planning and to make an enormous fortune it is mandatory to change career. He advises them to keep their day job while getting started and use it as a springboard while observing and learning about each stock. To play it safe, maintain a record of them and do not invest until fully confident of their stability and then only test it out with small amounts of money.

Make Lots Of Small Investments

When people make lots of small investments, it also allows them to study as they go and practice with a few stocks that others might consider risky. In this is the way people learn how to judge an investment on its face, as well as its merit, and it presents a safety net that some will pay off big while others tank. In all cases, planning ahead increases the chances of a sound choice in building a portfolio.

Diversify For Safety

Stocks are not the only kind of trades available for investment. Mr. Igor Cornelsen advises a spread of commodities, stocks and bonds, but his experience in Brazil’s market the safest way to start investing is to connect with the native money people, be prepared to face lots of red tape, and know the restrictions on foreign currency.

During 2014, the financial world remained puzzled over Brazil’s economic situation, but the country has a higher number of regulations that affect the market. Especially when it is dealing with foreign currency exchanges, an authorized bank must handle such transactions as there is no set rate of exchange for the currency.

Each country has its stock exchange, and trading has an effect on matters in other nations. However, when branching out with the hope of playing other markets, Igor Cornelsen cautions on brandyourself, it is a good idea to study everything about that country, its GDP, and other local details. Politics are subject to change at any moment in most of the world, and a world newspaper is of vital importance.

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