Sergio Cortes Is A Gifted Artist Who Impersonates Michael Jackson Perfectly

Sergio Cortes has made a big name among people who imitate Michael Jackson. The death of MJ might have left a scar in hearts of many fans. However, as sad as it may have been, one man is keeping the memories of Jackson alive, and that is Sergio Cortes. You may think that Cortes is obsessed with Jackson but whether it is true or not, Cortes has the passion and flair and wants to live like Jackson.
Cortes is so far the most acclaimed impersonator of Jackson.


Michael Jackson was an iconic musician with great vocal presentation and unique dance style including the moonwalk. He is a man who has brought life changes and transformation in many people.
Jackson gave some of the most memorable performances in the history of Pop music. Sergio Cortes fell in love with the style and music performances of Jackson from his childhood. He started practicing the moves, music and dressing codes in those early days. Today, he has perfected most attributes of Jackson and has been regarded as a dedicated impersonator of Jackson.
Cortes has something special that distinguishes him from the rest who try to impersonate MJ. He has the looks something that has given him a competitive edge in impersonating MJ. Cortes is also talented with great vocal presentation and can sing like Michael Jack.
A company known as Destiny Projects discovered the talent of Sergio Cortes and employed him to nurture this unique gift. He has become a recognized name among those who imitate Jackson. His series of performances have left fans thrilled and excited. He has performed in major Jackson’s tribute shows in areas like Madrid and Milan.
When he performs, he carries the spirit so high that people can really connect with the soul of Jackson. People cry in joy as they watch Cortes give the best performances in terms of choreography and dance styles— just the same way Michael Jackson did it.
It is an inspiration for many young people who want to impersonate Jackson. Cortes may be doing it out of passion; however, this is a talent that has earned him fame, reputation, respect, and above all, living. In Madrid, Cortes took part in a tribute show designed to commemorate the life of Jackson. Cortes recreated the best songs of Jackson making fans believe that Jackson was alive.
Cortes was also in Milan recently where he gave a two-hour performance in a show dubbed Human Nature. It was an amazing show filled with memories and excitement as fans watched the great impersonate do it again in front of a huge audience.

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