Sick Of Looking Through Manhattan Offices For Rent? Let’s Collaborate in A Shared Office Space


When we land that perfect job, we can only dream of having the ideal office space to work in. There are some people who dream of that tower in the sky with a cozy corner office, large office windows overlooking the city skyline, and a beautiful vision of the hustle and bustle below. Others simply dream of seeing their name on a plaque outside of an office door to show that they have reached their milestone and/or accomplishment.

Now imagine that you land your dream job, but your new office is different than imagined. You are now able to choose the layout of your new work space. You have the option to choose from the cozy office, which houses 2-6 individuals, a seating area in a private office, shared by others, or an open common space, shared by others as well. It is worth noting that in this environment, not all of the individuals are from the same company or business; everyone does however have the same mindset when coming to work and that is to work, but everyone travels from a different place and is working in a different position.

This new concept of WorkVille Manhattan offices for rent is the home office to many business professionals in the New York City area. It is an ideal location in that it accommodates all of the needs of an employee, yet allows for a less stringent and structured work environment. It allows for a working individual to have space and the freedom to come and go as he or she pleases. The prices for working spaces range from hourly to monthly rates and in the private spaces the prices range to include the amount of individuals that are working in a given room. WorkVille accommodates professionals with accessories such as private conference rooms, virtual mail, a café, and 3 outdoor terraces.

In a recent study that was conducted about employees who worked in co-working spaces, it is noted that said employees generally tend to thrive in their working environments better than those that work in the traditional office setting. This type of working environment offers minimal restriction and allows for extreme adaptability and flexibility. Within this space, there is very little challenge among individuals competing for a rise to the top because most everyone is working for a different company. There is collaboration and unification, what every company should have within its walls.

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